Advancement Pack

Your value is in the details. Make them visible.

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Advance the relationship

With the growing complexity of investment options and client objectives, the need for tailored advice has never been greater.

William Bowman
President, Senior Advisor, RJFS
AEGIS Financial

When your value is clear, the decision is easy.

The Advancement Pack helps advance the trust level by providing an accurate picture of your offering and presenting you as an expert in your field. At the same time, it serves as a tangible takeaway of your professionalism, so that the prospect can feel confident with her decision.

How do you instil trust?

Connecting to prospects requires broad strokes, but converting them requires a more detailed look at your practice. In order to maintain the level of interest from the first introduction, you need to give them the means to understand the professionalism and depth of your service offering.

The Advancement Pack includes:

  • Brand Identifier
  • Pitch Folder
  • Pitch Book (12-page)
  • Advisory Support Material (Bios, Service Outline, Biography & Resources)
  • Stationery Pack with Personal Logo
  • Personal Note Card

The Advancement Pack can incorporate these distinctive items:

  • Case Studies
  • A Service Standard
  • Testimonial Outline
  • Dealer Overview
  • A written Governing Philosophy
  • Specific Product Solutions
  • A Communication Agreement
  • Personal and Team Biographies
  • Sample Plan outline and Service Offering

The Advancement Pack provides the materials needed to advance the relationship through a second meeting, with the following additional benefits:

The Advancement Pack provides professional, tangible support for:

  • The strength of your approach
  • The extent of your services
  • The stability of your process
  • The legitimacy of your offering
  • Your professional experience
  • Your trustworthiness
Stephen Duquette
Portfolio Manager
Duquette Group Wealth Management

Show the depth of service that prospective clients demand.

With all the cost-effective alternatives available today, your value as an advisor is in your ability to provide goal-based guidance within complex financial situations. The Advancement Pack allows you to make the value of your comprehensive service tangible.

Melanie Smith
Vice President, Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor
Lakeland Family Office

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“Investors across all wealth tiers have never had as many options for advice as they do today, and they will use this leverage to insist on greater value.”

Jeff Malcolm, President

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