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Systematic, Ongoing Lead Generation

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A monthly program for introductions – see our process.

The ATF (Approach, Target, Fire) Monthly Marketing Tactic is a high-touch, subscription-based marketing program that identifies quality leads, sends out personalized collateral to earn permission for a follow-up call, and schedules appointments on a weekly basis.


The ATF Monthly Marketing Tactic fills the communication void left by impersonal advertising and mass mail. We build engagement by reaching out with personalized high-touch material and following up with a one-to-one phone call.

We seek out individuals within your community and secondlevel connections on your LinkedIn network. We contact these individuals with material customized to your practice and personalized for the prospect, so that you can earn their permission to introduce your services. Afterwards, we follow up with a call to arrange an appointment.

Through this month-to-month program, the ATF Monthly Marketing Tactic will connect you with viable prospects in your natural market, with the following additional benefits:

  • Engage in person-to-person introductions with warm leads
  • Customize the targeting and lead management processes to suit your needs
  • Save the time and cost of cold calling or mass marketing campaigns
  • Implement your branded materials through continuous prospecting
  • Build an active pipeline of natural market leads
  • Initiate the trust conversation and build relationships
  • Begin to delight each prospect with a personal mailer
  • Improve your sales process with a proven marketing system
Andrew Cooper
Investment Advisor, Vice President & Certified Retirement Specialist,
Cooper Strategic Wealth Advisory

Account Setup includes:

  • Create/update and write LinkedIn profile
  • Edit and upload headshot to LinkedIn profile
  • Edit and manage LinkedIn contacts
  • Build out excel templates for weekly data review
  • Write introduction letter and note card
  • Develop script for initial call
  • Write appointment confirmation email and follow-up note
  • Format contact data for mail merge
  • Review and complete data where needed
  • One-to-one consultation on Focus Interpreter & GSR Overview

Talk to us about the growth that is possible for your practice.

“You have the professionalism, the track record and the expertise – what you need is a proven process to connect with new prospects. The ATF™ helps you get in front of more targeted individuals – ones that are actually suited to the type of practice you’re running.”

Jeff Malcolm, President

We work to provide a scheduled appointment each week with a targeted prospect.

The ATF program takes the chore of marketing off your shoulders by helping you connect with new prospects each month.

One-to-one marketing makes it personal.

The time has passed where mass mail or generic appeals have any effect on individuals with unlimited options for advice. The ATF™ is a small-scale marketing program aimed at targeting natural-market leads and making introductions through a personalized approach.

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“He’s the best at what he does. We were impressed – top quality, great results, expert advice, creative solutions. They helped brand our program and provided us with solid marketing solutions to acquire new business.”

Julian Wise
President, Wise Advisory
FundEX Investments

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