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Web, Print and Face-to-Face Collateral: A Trust-Building Process

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Convey the look and feel of an expert in your field.

Take a step back and look at yourself from the eyes of a prospect or new opportunity. From the designations you hold to the dealer you represent to the products you offer — none of these allow you to differentiate yourself from any other. Consistency strengthens perceptions, and the Brand Pack establishes consistency between the three most essential contact points with prospects: web, introduction and relationship advancement.

The Brand Pack includes:

  • Brand Identifier™ Exercise
  • Web solutions
  • Prospecting Toolkit
  • Advisor Biography Card
  • Update Corporate Word Mark / Logo
  • Personal Note Card
  • Stationery pack

The Brand Pack will apply your unique brand consistently across multiple touch points, with the following additional benefits:

“A great job providing big business ideas, a system for getting new business and keeping costs within an entrepreneurial budget”

Robert Cawston
Cawston Financial Advisory
Manulife Securities

Consistency builds trust.

Through brand continuity and a clear introduction process, potential clients can start to understand your value claims and build confidence in the decision to work with you.

How does your audience see you?

From introduction to web presence to relationship advancement, the Brand Pack allows you to create the right perception at the right time in order to drive opportunities forward.

Benefit from a site with best-of-class design and content – no templates or recurring fees.

Many web development services are template-based, with a recurring payment model. This means that you don’t own your site, you only rent it – along with any other advisors using the same model. Our process is to deliver original, value-driven content and visuals that are in line with what the best in the industry are doing. We apply a one-time cost that includes full ownership, so you won’t see recurring fees, nor will you see your content being used elsewhere.

Content is king on the web – share yours online.

Boost awareness, site traffic and lead generation by sharing relevant content made for your audience. We provide an easy-to-use blog platform that allows you to demonstrate your specialized expertise toward specific markets.

A strong, consistent brand through web, print and face-to-face

The Brand Pack™ addresses the client’s need for clear, personalized service and professional expertise, thereby enabling you to stand out. It packages your practice with a consistent, professional image and solidifies your brand across multiple touch points, from print collateral to the web. These materials will be developed consecutively over a set time period, so as to help establish and build upon your distinct brand. Explore a few of our recently built sites.

Establish social proof as a market leader

Through several defined stages, our team builds a rejuvenated, engaging site that reflects your practice and the brand you want to represent. This can involve responsive design, content creation, programming/management of a fully compliant, engaging site that’s tied to best-of-class hosting services.

“Brand consistency helps you create a presence, and it allows your prospects and clients to build confidence in your follow-through – they want to know that there is consistency between what you claim and what you deliver”

Jeff Malcolm, President

Find out how you can create the look and feel of an expert in your field.

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