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Remarkable is easier than it sounds.

Remarkable is easier than it sounds.

It’s true, the most successful advisories today are the ‘remarkable’ ones. Average is everywhere and ordinary is ignored.

But being remarkable isn’t the impossible feat that it appears to be. There are a lot of advisors out there who think they need to create the iPhone of the financial industry, that it’s only the Steve Jobs of the business that have any chance of reaching that point.

It helps to think about it literally:

Remarkable = ‘able’ to be ‘remarked upon’

For you to be remarkable, the client needs two things: 1. a reason to remark and 2. the ability to remark.

The first requires relevant value, and the second requires uniqueness and simplicity that you can put your finger on, that people can talk about.

It’s about finding something, even something small, that matters to your clients — and then making it tangible.

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