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Get right to the point.

Get right to the point.

So many advisors feel that before they do anything else, they have to state what they do and what they are. They don’t realize that these are the kind of statements that prospects either already assume about your practice, or learn from working with you.

“We provide investment advice” is clear from the title under your name, and “we are trusted” is something they’ll come to believe once they’ve experienced your service. That means there are only two possible ways for prospects to respond to this kind of statement:

1.to ask “but why and how?”

2.to push you aside and move on

When they owe you none of their attention or trust, how many do you think will take the time to choose #1?

So what do you do? Skip over the ‘what’ statements and go right to the ‘why’ and ‘how.’ Anticipate their questions instead of soliciting them, because if you have a good answer, you just might be worth listening to.

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