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The What, the Why and the How

The What, the Why and the How

We’ve talked about the ‘what’ of your practice vs. the ‘why and the how,’ but what is the real difference?

The thing about ‘what’ is that it’s a statement of a (proposed) fact. At the end of the sentence is the end of the line — the prospect either believes it or does not. You might guess that a ‘what’ sentence on its own usually doesn’t do well.

‘What’ might be a dead end, but ‘why’ and ‘how’ offer a way in. They are accessible via logic, experience, existing beliefs, and so on.

Instead of approaching prospective clients with a take-it-or-leave-it stone wall, try being brave enough to say “here’s why we’re in this business” or “here’s how we build portfolios that are different and better than you’ll find elsewhere.” Open the door to possibility by telling them something in which they might see logical strength, a belief system that they share, or a story that overlaps with their personal experience.

No, they aren’t going to send you a cheque that second, but that’s how you start a conversation. That’s how you form a connection with people who know nothing about you.

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