No one is an expert at everything.
March 06, 2017

No one is an expert at everything.

“We are investment experts.”

“We’re the best at generating risk-adjusted returns.”

“Oh, and we’re excellent planners as well. We’ll help you plan for retirement.”

“We also work with a lot of business owners to reach their goals.”

“Did I mention family wealth is a big focus for us? We help lots of families grow and preserve wealth.”

“Let’s not forget wealth transfer, estate planning, tax planning, and risk mitigation.”

Who would believe all that? Who would even keep reading past the first two?

It’s amazing how much credibility you can achieve by, in a sense, dropping half your services. Instead of trying to cover all your bases, pick a spot in the outfield and hit it out of the park:

“We use a 4-point system to preserve wealth for multi-generational families.”

You still have work to do to earn permission with the prospect, but at least it’s concrete and plausible. It looks like something that could very well be true, and it has relevance for a certain type of person — and as a first impression, that’s all you need.

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