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Pre-Value: Proof before the Pudding

Pre-Value: Proof before the Pudding

We talk a lot about how relevance is the key to making introductions. Reach out with something that matters to the individual, something that offers a promise of real value.

This is immensely important, but it’s still an introduction. There’s more to do before you land the client, because as it stands, all the prospect has to hold onto is that point of relevance that you’ve identified. If you can’t support it with anything else, it’s possible that doubt will get in the way and the prospect will let go.

But what more can you give them? How can you reassure them that this is a good decision? How do you prove yourself until you work with them as clients?

We suggest something we call ‘pre-value.’ It means giving them something that’s more than just words. It should be something that demonstrates your approach and offers some kind of value in and of itself.

There are lots of ways to do this. Here are three:

  • Give away advice to prospects directly, or through your website. Practical advice, no strings attached, can be valuable to a prospect and can help build trust.
  • Demonstrate your professionalism in the way you present yourself. Polished materials can offer social proof of your expertise.
  • Put actual energy into something custom for the prospect. If you introduce yourself as someone who caters to the individual, a formal analysis or recommendation, even a brief one, can help convince clients that this is true.
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