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Launching a Family Office: Deep-Dive Brand Development in Nashville

Launching a Family Office: Deep-Dive Brand Development in Nashville

An established wirehouse team with $300 million in assets under management decided to make the move into the independent space, via Sanctuary Wealth and their Partnered IndependenceSM platform.

We guided them through the process, rebranding their newly independent practice as Southern Oak Wealth Group. We also worked with the Sanctuary Wealth transition team to deploy their central brand components and help ensure the transition happened smoothly.



Client Experience Binder

The Southern Oak brand was built on the idea that the team’s role was to be the centerpiece in each client’s circle of professional advisors. By coordinating with their lawyers and accountants, while connecting them to a wealth of services through their in-house team and Santuary’s resources, Southern Oak could provide a level of integration that was highly valuable for those with complex financial considerations.

If the team was to present their firm as having many of the capabilities of a family office, we had to convey this depth in more than just words. This led us to the client experience binder, an extensive deliverable provided to each Southern Oak client to help guide them through every stage in the process of planning and managing their wealth.

The binder was also a tangible way to present the uncommon depth of service and expertise that Southern Oak provides – an invaluable tool for advancing the relationship with referrals and other new opportunities.



Specialized Digital Presentation Tool

One of the goals of the Southern Oak team was to become more entrenched in the business owner market. They needed a tool to convey their specialized expertise, so we built a unique digital presentation that showcased the myriad of services and resources they offered for those who were running or transitioning businesses.

The Business Owner Value Overview was hosted online, so they could easily share it with others. It was also designed with engaging animation features so they could generate greater interest among potential clients.

Altogether these branding deliverables enabled the Southern Oak team to go to market as a family office firm delivering a robust set of services with a very hands-on, boutique approach.



You can visit their website here, and learn more about our services here.


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