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Becoming a Family Wealth Firm: A Veteran Team Finds New Focus

Becoming a Family Wealth Firm: A Veteran Team Finds New Focus

Industry veterans Martin Rice and Beau Barrett had grown their practice over the course of 20 years within the wirehouse environment in Indianapolis. As they began to focus on their unique ability to guide families through the challenges of multigenerational wealth, they also began to feel that this environment boxed them in, limiting the possibilities for their team.



Family Wealth Focus

Working closely with the Sanctuary Wealth team, AdvisorBranding helped Martin and Beau transform their practice into a thriving independent firm: RiceBarrett Family Wealth.

We began by identifying the core value of their offering, and the result was focused messaging that conveyed their unique multigenerational wealth capabilities. We developed collateral that not only elevated perceptions at key touch points, but also enabled RiceBarrett to be seen as specialists serving local, regional and national families. This was an important facet of their brand objectives, as it would help the team to secure relationships in the high-net-worth sphere.



Digital Experience Tools

After experiencing the restrictive wirehouse environment for many years, Martin and Beau were also passionate about creating their own framework for interacting with clients. For this reason, we built digital presentations that showcased their unique brand, conveyed the commitment they have to each client relationship and improved client awareness of their depth of service.

These digital tools helped Martin and Beau to define their firm in a modern and polished manner, which would help strengthen their engagement process with both existing relationships and new opportunities.

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