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Reaching Silicon Valley’s Tech Execs: A Niche Brand Launch in San Francisco

Reaching Silicon Valley’s Tech Execs: A Niche Brand Launch in San Francisco

Courtney Jones had been working with corporate executives for 16 years when she began to feel significantly limited in the wirehouse environment.

She wanted to deliver a more holistic wealth solution with corporate benefits advice at its center, and partnering with Sanctuary Wealth was the first step toward that goal. We worked alongside the Sanctuary transition team to execute the branding component of the launch of Credo Wealth Management.



Building a Niche Brand

As an independent on the Partnered IndependenceSM platform, Courtney would have the freedom to go to market as a specialized, niche firm and work toward capturing more opportunities in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley areas.

For the AdvisorBranding team, this meant refining her messaging, building appropriate content and creating the right impression in terms of the firm’s size, resources, and specialization around corporate executives in the technology sector.

We also worked to establish a bright, modern tone that would distinguish Credo Wealth Management from other firms. Following the transition, Courtney was better equipped to leverage her expertise and experience within her natural market – not as part of a larger, more homogeneous institution, but as an independent fiduciary.



You can visit the Credo website here, and learn more about our services here.

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