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Project News | September 17, 2021

A Boutique Investment Bank Embraces Its Independence

The investment banking world has always been dominated by its biggest players—the kinds of institutions with historical plaques outside their doors and a bureaucratic bent to their client experience. For many start-ups and entrepreneurs, there is a sense of stability in such a partnership.

So how does a firm like Gravitas Securities, which is dwarfed by the size of many of its competitors, position itself? Should they address the reservations that their potential clients may have by projecting strength, history and reputation? Or is it better to convince their audience that what makes them different is exactly what makes them valuable?

The way we saw it, our client had two options. They could say, “We can do exactly what those institutions do, so don’t worry,” or they could say, “We can do everything they don’t, so get excited.”

Gravitas is a burgeoning Canadian firm offering investment banking, private wealth and specialized financing services, with an impressive core team and a string of successful deals. It was clear that they could address the elephant in the room without pretending to be one. 

So our rebranding strategy started with a sleek, modern logo that would set the tone for their visual identity—monochromatic style with Tom Ford confidence. 

The website layout follows suit with a simple design. Its visual balance and bold imagery immediately contrast with the complex and content-heavy sites common among large-scale firms. 

The site’s messaging is equally divergent from that of many of Gravitas’ competitors. Instead of touting their grandeur and their years in business, the site conveys the efficacy of their client partnerships, the relevance of their team’s experience, and their accomplishments in their niche. They unapologetically highlight their independence as an advantage for their target market, one that allows for greater agility in time-sensitive situations and an ability to identify and capture opportunities that others may overlook.

By presenting the team and the culture at Gravitas, we were able to present another differentiating feature of the firm. That is, a structure and process that enables each client to feel like a partner, not a number—a promise that’s more than just words with a tight-knit team like theirs—in an entrepreneurial environment where business leaders can feel right at home.

Beyond the specifics of the website’s design and messaging is the drive toward a general sense of proficiency and attention to detail. Ultimately, it’s about exuding professionalism so that prospective clients see Gravitas as a boutique, high-end choice without compromise.

The website and new logo will launch in the coming weeks at

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