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Insights | October 22, 2021

When a Strong COI Relationship Isn’t Enough

It’s a coveted position—having a respected center of influence who continuously spreads the word about your practice. With a predictable flow of warm leads, you’re almost guaranteed to see consistent growth, right?

For pi Wealth, an independent Colorado firm, it was a little less than a guarantee. There were several new leads coming in each week, but too many of them were going cold or moving on to other firms. The pi team was faced with an important question: 

After the initial interest, what reason does a referral have to choose us?

Like many other practices, pi Wealth had a strong track record and loyal clients, but very little to present to new opportunities. Their message was vague and what few materials they had did not reflect the quality of service they delivered every day. 

So we decided to focus our efforts on a piece that would be foundational to their brand as well as crucial to their lead conversion process. 

In developing the Prospecting Toolkit, we took a close look at the team’s strengths and competitive advantages to define a clear, relevant message. Building on the “pi” theme, we articulated a brand story and paired it with a modern logo, colour scheme and practical stationery items. 

We took ideas that had not previously been documented and client procedures that had not yet been formalized, and we packaged them up into a concrete, professional deliverable. With an introduction letter and hand-written note card, the advisors could start building a personal connection with each individual who showed interest in their services.

This would serve the team in two ways:

First, it gave them a text and visual foundation on which to continue building their brand. The talking points, positioning and processes summarized in the Prospecting Toolkit could support their growing team in any number of ways. 

Second, they now had something not only tangible, but also polished and memorable, to send to leads from their COI channel. It concisely answered the question, “Why work with us?” and offered a personalized touch point to help advance those early relationships. With its patented design, the team could also be confident they were sharing something that potential clients would not see elsewhere. 

The COI referral channel, for pi Wealth, always represented an important opportunity. The difference is that now they’re far better equipped to capture that opportunity. 

Before you start pursuing new lead channels, it’s wise to consider the ones you already have. What have you put in place to ensure that no viable leads slip through?

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