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Insights | January 14, 2022

Your Next Million-Dollar Client

An advisor client recently told us about onboarding a million-dollar lead about two weeks after his new website went live. He said what stood out most to this individual, the reason he reached out, was a short phrase on the site that described the advisor’s commitment to returning calls and emails promptly.

As it turns out, the lead was frustrated with chronically poor communication from his current advisor. It had nothing to do with investment performance or methodology or any of the things we might typically think of as valuable, but if our client’s website didn’t touch on his communication policy, he would not have had an opportunity to land this new client.

It often happens that advisors have habits and practices that their clients appreciate (and that potential clients may be looking for), but they don’t think of them as “marketable features.” They’re constantly searching for what’s new and next, without realizing they’re sitting on a gold mine. 

If you’re providing something that people actively value and you’re not using it to help generate growth, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.

So ask yourself: Do new leads ever mention what caught their attention or prompted them to reach out? Is there something in particular that appealed to them or that they were relieved to hear from you? Do clients ever talk about or thank you for some value-added service you’ve provided? In our experience, the insights you gain from answering these questions will be worth more than any market analytics data you can buy.

And once you find out what your clients value, start making it visible to new opportunities. In most cases, you have nothing to lose and your next million-dollar client to gain.

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