Prospecting Toolkit™

Take your practice to the next level.

Request a Prospecting Toolkit™

A professional deliverable made for new introductions.

We develop answers to the questions potential clients want to know and apply them across multiple introductory touch points to create a relevant and personal introduction.

The Prospecting Toolkit includes:

  • Brand Identifier questionnaire to initiate branding process
  • Personal binder workbook and reference centre
  • One-to-one consultation with Brand Strategist and Writer
  • Design and development of custom Prospecting Toolkit 8 page brochure, pint folder, biography card and stationery items

The Prospecting Toolkit conveys your expertise, specialization and industry knowledge, with the following additional benefits:

  • Creates distinction
  • Affirms credibility
  • Articulates the need-value relationship
  • Focuses your message
  • Acquires permission from the prospect
  • Positions you as the right choice
  • Develops loyalty

Take your practice to the next level.
Request a Prospecting Toolkit.


Custom Brand Development within a Practical Step-by-Step Program

Our Brand Identifier and Resource Center represent a systematic, proven process not only to uncover your value proposition, but also to enable you to understand and position your practice toward your ideal client.

What you can expect

Brand Identifier Workbook
and Personal Binder

One-to-one consultation
and original content
through our in-house team

Execution of a strategic
marketing strategy targeted
to your natural market.

Tangible Benefits of the Prospecting Toolkit

Tangible Benefits of
the Prospecting Toolkit

What our clients
are saying

AdvisorBranding has provided us with functional, polished materials that clearly define how we’re different and why it matters. They have an incredibly unique and valuable process for uncovering the most marketable aspects of our business, and using them to get in front of new prospects. Partnering with AdvisorBranding is a smart move for anyone looking to attract and acquire new business.

John Juhlke, President
Stone Investment Group

AdvisorBranding has provided us with a unique and detailed client solution: they have identified how we do things, and why it matters. Not only have they have enabled us to communicate this, but they have helped us implement it with actionable ideas for attracting new business.

They have the one thing that others are missing -- a clearly defined process that draws out our raw ideas, creates a marketable brand and feeds into a marketing engine that can get it in front of new prospects. Advisors looking for new clients should start this now, subscribe to their service and keep them close.

Rick Walsh, Walsh Investment Group
National Bank Financial

AdvisorBranding brings a fresh and truly unique perspective to marketing and branding. Their focus on the advisor community means they know our market — and more importantly how to connect your message with potential clients. Jeff was very easy to work with right from the start and always knew how to keep the creative process moving forward. He has proven to be a dependable and professional partner who always met deadlines. AdvisorBranding has delivered on what other marketing firms have only been able to promise. I would recommend Jeff and AdvisorBranding to any advisor truly serious about taking their brand to the highest level.

Nick Acocella, Managing Director
Acocella Wealth Advisory

We answer the questions clients want to know:

  • Who are you and why should I work with you?
  • What is your experience and how does it benefit my situation?
  • Are you approachable, relevant and needed?
  • What is your process and how does it work?
  • What makes you a better choice?
Paolo Di Stefano
Investment Advisor
Di Stefano Investment Partners

Your brand deliverables can be used in the following ways:

  • Sent to new opportunities to earn permission and initiate personal introductions
  • In one-to-one meetings to advance new relationships
  • Given to strategic partners and clients to maximize referral opportunities
  • To create distinction and outline the value provided to existing clients
  • To position your practice as a proven, superior choice
Stephen Hamer & Michael S Allen
Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager
Hamer-Allen Group

We deliver with a systematic and proven process

For years, we’ve taken the best advisors and made them better. We have proven deliverables and a clear development experience that allows advisors the opportunity to attract new business. Our products are designed to be powerful, affordable and relevant.


Step 1: The Brand Identifier Discovery Process

Project Development Binder

A reference centre with process guides, brand exercises and marketing tips, arranged within your personal project binder.

Brand Identifier Workbook

This is our process to uncover your relevant value, clarify ideas and initiate the brand development process.

One-to-One Brand Consultation

Individual consultation with your professional branding team to define and review your brand deliverables.

Step 2: Differentiate by Design

Content Design and Development

We create compelling, original content that further differentiates your brand and outward messaging.

Visual Boards and Demos

You’re presented with review boards to introduce our proposed visual themes, and working online demos to explore web content. We work with compliance and dealer marketing channels to ensure firm standards and messaging are aligned.

Step 3: The Brand Advantage

Custom Collateral and Web Applications

Your final product is delivered to your door, your online applications are launched, and we remain an ongoing resource for brand implementation and marketing strategies.

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Program

For participating clients, our team executes a custom, multi-stage marketing strategy through a month-to-month partnership to take your practice to the next level.

“Avoid doing yourself a disservice by conveying an average service in a market that values specialty.”

Jeff Malcolm, President

Let’s talk about your next step to generate growth.

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