Referral Ruckus

Clients want to see value; show them everything they’re getting.

Referrals Enable Growth

Referrals provide the highest and most efficient close ratio of all new opportunities, and yet the average advisor has no clear strategy to pursue more than the few introductions they receive sporadically. The Referral Ruckus is a step-by-step program designed to address all the referral opportunities that are currently not being realized.

Present your value; show clients what they’ve gained.

Clients are often unaware of the true depth and the full value of what you do for them – and this understanding is vital when it comes to referrals. Our program is built to enable clients to reflect on your service commitment, understand its value to them and feel assured that others they know stand to benefit from the introduction.

Shaun Rickerby
Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor
Rickerby Wealth Group

A Proven Strategy for Enabling Referrals

We uncover all the value you have provided an individual client, along with all the expertise and resources you make available to them, and package it up into a personalized deliverable. This includes a unique Referral Initiator™ that helps connect the value clients see in your service with the value they see in recommending it to others.

The Referral Ruckus program provides a tangible referral tool personalized for each individual client, with the following additional benefits:

“It is about ending the struggle for referrals. We want to shake up the usual assumption that advisors have little means to affect referral rates directly.”

Jeff Malcolm, President

Capturing the Qualities that Drive Referrals

There are certain aspects of what you do that are largely intangible, and yet they are the source of much of the value that clients gain from your service. These are the same qualities that drive referrals.

We’ve taken these key referral drivers and built them into a tangible tool that provides clients with a clear answer to the question: what have I gained from being a client, and how might others benefit?

The Referral Ruckus 6-Step Program

STAGE 1 Clarify your value

We use a complete Value Clarifier and Discovery Exercise to help uncover your offering and capabilities. We work with you to get a full picture of what you provide and why it matters to each client.

STAGE 2 Make it tangible

Our team compiles service descriptions, core benefits, exclusive advantages and resource overviews into a detailed, polished package that is personalized to the client, allowing them to understand the depth of your service and the professionalism with which it is delivered.

STAGE 3 Customize for the client

We provide a simple process to customize each Client Benefits package for the individual client. This includes highlighted services recently provided, key benefits for the individual, and introduction letters, so that clients see their best interests are being served.

STAGE 4 Present your value

The Referral Ruckus allows you to approach your client with a clear representation of the exclusive processes and services you’ve delivered. This ensures your client receives a piece that reflects not only their own circumstances, but also the irreplaceable value of your practice.

STAGE 5 Introduce the Referral Initiator

By highlighting the benefits of new introductions and your growing network of valued relationships, the segment leads clients to consider their own friends, relatives and colleagues, and helps them see the value in taking action.

STAGE 6 Advance and on-board the referral

We design key deliverables, steps and points of contact to help you on-board those referred to you through the Referral Ruckus process. This also serves to reinforce the perception of value you’ve established with both existing clients and referral opportunities.


See how the full value of your service can lead to new introductions.

Be memorable, remarkable and refer-able.

The program pairs the communication of value with the tools to refer, including an initial call to action and additional touch points that help ensure the referral relationship advances. This provides a means for clients to see referring as an opportunity to help others, rather than only as a request to help their advisor.

Jennifer Jackson
Vice-President, Investment Advisor
The Jackson Group

Core Components of the Referral Ruckus Program

Discovery Exercise and Value Clarifier

Referral Initiator

On-Boarding Tools

Client Benefits Package

Let’s talk further about how you can advance the referral relationship.

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