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Insights | February 23, 2024

When does a brand pay for itself?

A strong brand has ripple effects and a range of long-term advantages. It can change the way you’re perceived, it can support your practice succession goals and it can strengthen current relationships.

But when you’re evaluating cost and value, is there a moment in time you can really say that your brand has “paid for itself?”

What we’ve seen is that well-executed branding changes the kinds of opportunities that you’re able to find and capture. Because the lifetime value of a single client can easily outweigh the expenses associated with building your image, often your next new account makes your brand worthwhile.

This could happen the first time a COI hands their client a concrete reason to call you instead of just a general recommendation, or when you offer a high-net-worth family something they haven’t seen from any of the other options they have for advice.

It’s not so much about every single lead or every click on your website. It’s about that once-a-year opportunity who decides to give you a second look.

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