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Insights | June 24, 2022

When the markets move, so might investors.

This past week, when major indexes started tumbling, many of our clients saw soaring numbers in clicks, web traffic and lead actions. And it’s no surprise—when markets go awry, investors have questions.

Client portfolios will inevitably reflect headline-worthy dips in the market, and when they do, it’s only natural for investors to ask themselves whether what they’re doing is right for them. Or if there’s anyone else out there doing it better.

We recently published a post on evergreen value that continues to apply here, but there are two key points to keep in mind:

Be communicative.

Make sure your entire client base can easily access and understand your rationale. Formal, well-communicated investment methodologies instill confidence, and confident people don’t look elsewhere for advice.

Whenever possible, this communication should be personalized to the individual. Each client should feel that in spite of market forces beyond your control, they are still very much on track to their long-term goals.

Be visible.

If investors are having second thoughts, you might as well offer a second opinion. 

The flurry of activity that’s happening right now online is driven by people who are open—if temporarily—to considering new strategies for their investments. These people are more likely to land on advisor sites that are putting out content specifically addressing the current market climate and offering tangible solutions.  

If you have a trove of dormant opportunities, like blog subscribers or an old lead list, try a targeted campaign that may catch the attention of those with renewed interest in making a change.

Being both communicative and visible can help ensure that among all this potential movement, existing clients stay put and new ones come into view. 

So even in this busy time, it’s worth prioritizing your marketing and branding. Let clients know they’re well taken care of, and start getting in front of prospects who are thinking they might not be.

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