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Average is everywhere, so what are you doing to communicate the depth of your service?

Average is everywhere, so what are you doing to communicate the depth of your service?

Let’s start by looking at what we do as a profession. How do we talk about it? How do we address the complexity of what we do? Do we turn to conventions and commonplace phrases in attempt to convey our value?

Investors, even sophisticated ones, are still consumers and they need to be reassured when making the decision to work with you. In response, advisors will often say their offering is comprehensive and full-service, and leave it at that – but from what I’ve seen, this really only serves to lower the expectations of the ones you are hoping to reach. You’re training potential clients to expect the same from you as they do from all the other firms making a similar claim.

Simplicity can be a powerful tool, but if you’re not careful, an oversimplified message will fail to convey the uniqueness of your approach, the depth of your offering, and the larger network of connection and influence that your service can represent. In attempt to encompass everything you do, you’re actually missing the granularity that makes you different and better than your competitors.

So let’s consider an alternative. If you were to spell these details out visually for a prospective client to see and understand, then the opportunity in working with you can become much more tangible. Often, this is can the turning point in relationships with prospects who have a surface understanding of what you do, but don’t yet see any intrinsic value beyond market returns.

That’s why I suggest picking the right time and showing them in clear terms the full capabilities of your service, whether it’s the details of your planning process or the complete range of resources available to your clients.

Remember that the main purpose of a brand isn’t to condense or summarize what you do, it’s to suggest that you’re a part of something bigger – something professional, deliberate and trusted – and that the individuals you want to reach can be a part of it, too.


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