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Insights | April 05, 2024

Spell it out.

Have you ever come across a website or a presentation that has a lot of words, but doesn’t seem to actually say anything?

Advisors end up here all the time. It’s impossible to explain everything they do for clients, so they summarize. And in the process, they lose the details that distinguish them from the rest. Here’s an alternative approach:

Focus on a few strengths, or a few questions the person you’re trying to attract is likely to have, and for each one, don’t sum it up—spell it out.

We are committed to our clients. In what way?

We deliver more value than our competitors. How?

We provide greater access. To what?

We are objective. Why does it matter?

We create peace of mind. By doing what?

We offer a specialized service. What are the benefits?

Our clients trust us. Why?

You may not be able to cover everything, but you can say something that helps create the opportunity for further conversation. And that’s ultimately the goal of each touch point you have with a potential client.

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