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Insights | April 19, 2024

Is it time for new team photos?

Most advisory teams invest in a photo shoot with a professional. Wealth advice is a personal service, and real photos help create a window into your practice for those considering working with you.

But your practice will continuously change—new hires, new locations, new services—so just like any other aspect of your brand, your team photos will lose relevance with age. Here’s a checklist to help you determine if it’s time for new ones.

  • Your team has changed. More than just a summer intern or new hire, you’ve seen a real shift in the size and dynamics of your team since your last photo shoot.

  • You have changed. When you look at your photos, does it still feel like you? Maybe you’ve undergone a significant physical change, or enough time has passed that the images seem dated.

  • Your offering has changed. Your service offering has become more in-depth or comprehensive, and you may have started routinely incorporating COIs or extended team members into your client process.

  • Your target market(s) has changed. The images in your brand collateral may combine shots of your team with stock photos of typical clients. Consider if these are still relevant to the goals of your practice, and think about the feel of the photos—are they too casual or too stiff for the types of clients you’re looking to attract or retain?

  • You are doing a brand refresh. If you’re embarking on a new branding project, you could end up with an odd juxtaposition between dated photos and sleek new brand design. It’s often easier to update photos at the same time.

If you’ve checked off more than one of these, it’s likely time to consider setting up a photo session to capture your practice as it stands today.

Reach out to us if you’d like to discuss your options.

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