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Can you afford not to market now?

Can you afford not to market now?

No one is immune to the changes in the market and the effects of volatility at this scale – but these events don’t need to affect the value you represent as an advisor.

Using your brand to strengthen perceptions is a crucial part of reinforcing client loyalty, engagement, referrals and even new opportunities. With collateral that makes your value tangible and experiences that make you irreplaceable, you can:

  • Help current clients build confidence that they’re in good hands
  • Capture opportunities among those who are less than satisfied with their own advisors’ guidance
  • Create a process through which referrals can happen
  • Encourage clients to stay the course with clear and consistent communication
  • Align your value with an experience and relationship instead of the markets

When the markets are changeable, so are investors. The question now isn’t if you can afford to market your practice, it’s if you can afford not to.

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