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Are You Adding to the Noise or Reducing It?

Are You Adding to the Noise or Reducing It?

Most of us can get news updates virtually anywhere and anytime. During periods of crisis like the one we’re in now, it seems the more information we get, the harder it is to achieve any sense of clarity or calm. 

So why do so many advisory firms include generic news feeds in their websites and social media?

It may seem like a simple way to help inform your clients, but it often ends up adding to the confusion. It also shows a lack of time and energy that does little to bolster client trust or engagement.

What clients really want from you is your personal, expert opinion on a topic that is relevant to them – and that’s the key difference between sharing an insight and just adding to the noise.

If you’re an independent advisor, why not share an independent viewpoint?

This is a fundamental distinction that runs deeper than just news updates. It’s vital not only to all of your external communications, but also to your brand as a whole. 

Marketing is just as ubiquitous as news, and individuals with money have ready access to an endless list of financial service providers who are all vying for their attention. In this environment, an insightful brand is far more powerful than one that simply adds to the noise.

Still, independent advisors often turn down the opportunity to communicate with a distinct voice – to present themselves as categorically different from the average.

Compliance can enforce certain guidelines, but it’s not preventing you sharing your individual perspective. Even if you are held to corporate mandates and standards, you’re not required to use the same words, the same templates or the same stock images as everyone else.

You provide unique value that can’t be duplicated by the average firm, so why use mass messaging and mass marketing to convey it? 

You have a chance to position yourself as a specialist, target a niche, and entrench your practice within a high-net-worth segment of the market – why not take advantage of it? 

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