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Insights | January 28, 2022

Find the Gaps, Find Your ROI

Every marketing strategy comes with a definite cost and a potential return. Estimating those gains accurately is a matter that’s specific to your individual situation, but there’s one place we recommend every advisor starts:

Look at the process you want to optimize and identify the gaps. 

For many, that process is active prospecting through an external brand. There are important touch points at each step from initial awareness to client onboarding, and if those touch points are underdeveloped, gaps appear and prospects can fall through.

The fact is that advisors who create more channels for introductions will see more new leads. Those who offer more than just words will get to sit down with more potential clients. And those who are able to present their value tangibly will be able to convert more new business.

So take a close look at your current approach and its rate of success. If you find prospects tend to drop off early on, you may consider prioritizing your “first impression” touch points like your website or competitive advantage. If you find more lost leads happen later in the prospecting cycle, you may want to focus on improving your process for managing leads or elevating the tools you use to illustrate your team’s expertise. 

The less you leave up to chance, the better you can predict the results. That’s why we’ve created a short exercise to help you find external brand gaps and identify which tactics or deliverables could have the biggest impact. Click the link below to access.

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