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Insights | December 31, 2021

How to Make a Realistic Growth Plan for 2022

When the calendar turns over, the optimism we feel can be galvanizing, but it takes more than a hopeful attitude to make real progress toward your goals. 

So you can set ambitious targets and start new initiatives, but we’ve found one of the best ways to set out a plan with a realistic chance of success is to find something with potential and build on it. Focus on an element of your practice that’s already working, so that it can work more effectively in service of your growth goals.

Here are some questions that can help you identify that potential:

Are there any channels, relationships or opportunities that are being underutilized?

You may have an attorney who has referred clients to you in the past but does not do so routinely. Could that change if you provided collateral for her to pass to her clients, or a special offer for new referrals, or a process for reaching out and following up? Or you could have a media position (like article contributions or television appearances) that draws new opportunities to your door, but with only 50-70% conversion. What more could you do to reach that remaining 30-50%?

What are your current clients particularly appreciative of?

What is it that clients—particularly your top clients—value most, talk about or thank you for? If you can make that feature into something that only you can offer, then it can start generating new introductions for you. Consider how you might systematize it, make it tangible and put a name to it. And then start making it visible to new introductions.

Is there an audience you’re already in front of? 

You might have a newsletter or blog that has a good number of subscribers. Are you using this as a referral opportunity? Is it easy for people to share with others? Are there subscribers, who aren’t already clients, that you could drip on? 

Once you uncover something that’s already working, you can start setting out a plan to build on that success and create more opportunities. Identify the missing pieces, determine how those components will be developed and who will be responsible for them, and define a clear ongoing process.

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