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Insights | April 01, 2022

Spring Cleaning Tips: Declutter Your Brand

The best thing you can do for your business may not have anything to do with adopting new products or building up your arsenal. Sometimes what you need most is a purge. 

We all have that junk drawer that gets so full that it’s of no practical use, and the same happens with brands. As we collect new pieces over time and others fall out of use, we can develop a vague idea that we have all this “stuff” and we really don’t need any more “stuff”. But you don’t know what you have or what you need until you declutter. 

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Tip #1: Put it all in one place.

If you can, try to move every piece of brand collateral and practice documentation into one place. If it’s all digitized, drop it in a shared Google Drive folder or any other online document storage option. If much of it is not digital, then bring it all together and go through it at the same time you review your digital library.

This can get tricky when you consider how broad a category “brand collateral” really is—stationery, pitch decks, videos, brochures, templates, web content, internal documentation, review presentations, ads, and so on—but it’s a great way to find redundancies and inconsistencies.

Take a bird’s eye view and decide which pieces have been replaced and thus are not needed anymore, which pieces have lost all relevance over time and can be tossed, and which pieces may be useful, but are so inconsistent with the rest of your brand that they need attention.

Tip #2: Be honest with yourself.

Maybe it took you a long time to create back in the day, but if you look at it objectively, it might be outdated, irrelevant or just plain unusable. Sometimes the attachment we feel to things that once represented our business has little to do with their current value.

If you haven’t been using it, then it’s likely served its purpose. Let it go.

Somewhere along the line, though, you’ll likely come across material that’s dated, but has elements that still reflect your brand identity. When this happens, don’t just continue holding on to the entire piece; try collecting those fragments in a new folder or document. Often this boils down to a few paragraphs of content or a strong graphic, but it can be a good starting place for what we’ll discuss in our final decluttering tip.

Tip #3: Recalibrate.

Spring cleaning is all about sifting out the extraneous and taking inventory, which makes it an excellent time to refocus your vision for your practice or organization.

You’ve hopefully unburdened yourself of a lot of unnecessary collateral, so take a look at what’s left and start identifying the gaps and weak spots. 

Do you need something more modern for following up with leads, or a review process that aligns with your client discovery? Did you uncover something of value that really deserves to be built out and leveraged to serve new goals? Maybe you purged more than you expected—Is it time to start fresh?

Consider these questions as you look ahead to where you’d like to go and how you’d like to be seen.

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