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Program News | March 18, 2022

What’s Working for Asset Managers in 2022

“Digital” has been the buzzword since the onset of the pandemic, and there’s no sign of that changing any time soon. But for asset management firms accustomed to conventional sales processes and in-person contact, embracing digital tools doesn’t have to mean rebuilding your entire approach to bringing in new business.

We found what many asset managers need is a digital strategy that can be easily adopted and quickly implemented—a simple, practical way to make their first foray into the digital realm.

So we defined a strategy around three key early-relationship touch points:

  1. Broad-Strokes Introduction

Despite the changes brought on by the pandemic, asset managers still need a way to reach out to financial professionals and other parties to say, “Here’s who we are,” and “Let’s talk soon.” This could be a cold introduction, a personal follow-up, or a drip on an existing lead list.

And the best way to make this interaction digital is painfully obvious, yet difficult to execute smoothly: Send a link.

This is not a link to your website (which shows a lack of energy) and it’s not a big attachment (which is really just a clunky print piece in the wrong setting). This should be a link to digital collateral that’s specifically designed for easy, seamless remote viewing. It should contain carefully built content that answers those early questions, while piquing interest in learning more.

  1. Product Literature

The second vital touch point in the sales process is about getting into the specifics. Whatever product or service you’re promoting, when there is less in-person contact you want to ensure that your literature makes up for it with extreme polish and clarity.

Sharing this information online, in a format that is designed (not adapted) for the purpose, is key to advancing the relationship. This comes with added efficiencies, like the convenience of disseminating literature that is always up to date.

  1. Presentation

The last crucial step is the presentation. Whether it’s remote or in-person, the lead will expect consistency from the preceding touch points. This is your opportunity to answer any remaining questions and reinforce your messaging to instill enough confidence that the relationship moves forward.

We’ve grouped these three deliverables together because of their efficacy as a first step toward a tech-based brand and marketing strategy. That’s how we created the BrandLink Digital Package for Asset Management Firms, which you can read about and experience here.

The purpose of the BrandLink style is ease of use. That means your team and your network can implement it right away, without reinventing the wheel. It’s a simple tool that makes a big impact, and it’s easily adopted by asset management firms looking to capitalize on more opportunities in the new normal.

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