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Insights | January 06, 2023

3 Steps to a Functional Internal Brand

It’s a 2023 goal for many advisors: firm up the essentials of an internal brand, so that you can keep your team aligned while you grow your practice. 

And you don’t have to think of this as an entirely independent initiative. There is a lot of overlap with the external brand you use for prospecting and client engagement—as long as you consider your brand’s internal role as you build it. Let’s start with the three main steps.

Step 1: Establish your ideology.

It’s easier to work toward a common goal when you and your team have a shared understanding of who you are and where you want to go. 

So it’s up to you to provide your team with an ideological grounding. This could mean a set of core beliefs, a vision and mission, or a significant brand story. More than just words, it’s a mindset that should be articulated clearly to staff and shared early on with new recruits.

Step 2: Document your client process.

A well-documented client process is just as valuable for your team as it is for your clients. If you can provide your advisors and client service associates with a step-by-step process and the tangible tools to implement it, then you’re far more likely to deliver a consistent client experience even as you take on new staff. 

On the technical side of things, you may also have a preferred process for things like financial plan design or asset allocation. Having up-to-date reference material for this can be helpful as well. 

Step 3: Share your growth tools.

Some of the most important components of your external brand can be leveraged by your internal team. When they have access to these materials, they gain not only talking points and brand awareness, but also practical tools to help generate referrals and capture new opportunities. 

Prospecting collateral can often be customized so that, for example, junior advisors can introduce themselves at the same time that they introduce the firm. 

If your team is well-stocked with brand collateral and well-informed about your vision for your practice, you may find you have an easier time onboarding new recruits, pursuing growth goals, and delivering a consistent and repeatable client experience.

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