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Insights | November 25, 2022

Do the right people know you’re taking on new clients?

A surprising side effect of running a successful practice is that sometimes the people you want to reach assume you’re not accepting new clients. If you’ve positioned yourself well, then from the outside your practice will look well-established, which can lead to this crucial misconception.

So if you’re looking to grow, it’s important to make sure that anyone in your natural market who comes across your brand, and any client who is in a position to provide referrals, is aware of the fact that you are open to new introductions. 

Some firms make this fact fairly obvious, but others don’t. So it’s worth considering a few subtle changes if you’re not sure, or if you’ve ever had a client say, “Oh, I was going to mention your name to someone, but I didn’t think you were taking on new clients.”

This doesn’t mean you need to rethink every outward-facing piece of brand collateral, but it might mean you could look at a few key spots and insert some verbiage. On the contact page of your website, in your email signature, in the referral conversations you may have during the annual review process—a quick update to any of these touch points could help avoid any confusion, without bombarding your audience with sales-heavy messaging.

You’d never know if someone considered reaching out to you and decided against it. So this might be an easily remedied problem to have, but it can also be an insidious one if left unchecked.

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