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Insights | June 14, 2024

Is your brand appealing to business owners?

To advisors, business owners and entrepreneurs represent high income potential, major liquidity events, and financial complexities that require specialized expertise. Becoming entrenched in this market is an excellent way to pursue your AUM growth goals.

But business owners are also routinely sought-after and have little time for average value propositions. If you want to be appealing to these individuals, consider focusing on these strengths and abilities as you position your practice:

Your Collaborative Abilities

One person, even a specialist, is unlikely to be able to meet all the needs of a typical business owner. But if you have a process that incorporates a diverse in-house team, a network of external partners and the owner’s own professional advisors, then you can begin to stand out in this market.

Owners are accustomed to delegating tasks and leveraging the expertise of the professionals around them. They want to know that you can take a similar approach, quarterbacking the wealth services they need in a way that simplifies their financial picture.

Your Succession Expertise

Transitions like sales and successions occur late in the lifecycle of a business and they go hand-in-hand with liquidity events—all of this bodes well for advisors looking to grow their AUM. But transitions are also important because they open business owners up to the possibility of working with a specialized advisory team.

If you can showcase your expertise around the successions and sales of thriving businesses, you can position your practice as the go-to option for owners contemplating retirement and for COIs referring their entrepreneurial clients.

While this approach can improve your chances of catching the attention of owners during this opportune period, you won’t be the only one offering transition planning. So ensure your outward-facing brand incorporates enough specificity to paint a convincing picture of your expertise. Explain the steps you take to guide owners through transitions and touch on topics like tax efficiency and cash management.

Your Growth Strategies

As much as successful business owners want to preserve what they’ve built, they often respond well to positioning that emphasizes growth.

Their success so far has likely been the result of an internal drive toward accumulation and expansion—they want new opportunities and forward-thinking ideas. So the language you use in your promotional collateral should include topics like purchasing power, building an estate and maximizing the value of their business.

Cumulatively, these three areas of focus can help you present yourself to owners as someone who can make their lives easier while they navigate important transitions and pursue new opportunities.

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