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Insights | December 01, 2023

What are you doing with your old lead lists?

Most firms have, somewhere in their archives, almost-forgotten lists of names that were once warm leads. Maybe there was some contact initially that fell off, or a request for more information that failed to progress.

In any case, you might be as hesitant to toss it out as you are to rekindle any of those conversations after so much time has passed. But with nothing to lose, a bit of outreach presents more opportunity than risk. Here are a few options:

Relevant Update

Since you last had contact, there may have been some developments in your practice. Maybe you have a newly documented retirement program or an expanded team that provides a family-office style of service.

If their needs have changed as well, something like this could be of interest.

Topical Note with an Offer

A major market shift, change in tax regulations or other significant event could be a pretense to reach out and see if their current approach is serving them well. You can share a few resources and present a second opinion offer that can help bridge a phone call or meeting.

Personal Follow-Up

Among the leads on your list, there may be a few with whom you had a few conversations. If you still have those notes, you could follow up with a brief personal email inquiring about one of the concerns they were facing at the time.

You might ask how things turned out with their retirement and share a link to your retirement income process with a recent testimonial, for example. If for any reason they felt like the transition didn’t go smoothly or the advice they’re getting is falling short, they may be open to reconnecting with you.

Keep in mind these options aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. You might consider a drip that incorporates elements of all three, and a lead nurturing process for any responses.

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