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Insights | November 17, 2023

A Brand Checklist for Your New Hire

You’re bringing on a new team member and they need to be integrated into your operations, processes and, of course, your brand.

While the specifics may differ depending on their role in your team, the list below should serve as a basic guide as you get your new hire settled.


  • Business card
  • Email signature
  • Note card or note pad
  • Letterhead


  • Headshot
  • Updated team shot
  • Integration into brand material (depending on role)

Client Introduction

  • Bio on website
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Print bio for introductory package
  • Introduction/announcement cards or email
  • Personal video


  • Client process material
  • Internal brand items (vision and mission, core values, etc.)
  • Promotional material (for the new hire to pass to referrals and new opportunities)

    For many teams, this ends up being an opportune time to update other aspects of their brand, like team photos or internal resources.

    Reach out to us if you’d like further guidance.

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