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Project News | October 08, 2021

A Larger-Than-Life Brand

When branding independent practices, it’s not always about evoking the size and scope of larger firms. In fact, the intimacy of a small operation is often an asset—especially when the personality of the advisor is at the core of its value offering. 

That’s precisely the case for Bill Losey Retirement Solutions. In his 30-year history in the industry, Bill built his reputation on sharing specialized retirement knowledge with both private clients and broad public audiences. With regular appearances on major news networks, contributions to national financial magazines, and a wide readership for his own publications, he was able to establish a level of trust in his expertise that consistently drew in new opportunities.

At the outset of our branding project, however, Bill’s outward identity no longer reflected the value he was providing clients. Having shifted his attention to running his practice some time ago, his public visibility was somewhat reduced and his brand materials had become noticeably out of date. 

Our objective was to leverage Bill’s unique history through highly professional, modern collateral, so as to bolster his credibility as an independent specialist while implementing tools that would help him capture more opportunities.

We launched a website and blog that presented Bill as a media personality and known expert offering a very tailored, one-to-one retirement planning experience for a defined range of private clients.

With Bill’s personality and likeness in the spotlight, we also built two print packages, core stationery items and a digital suite. This would provide our client with the ability to respond in kind to both online and in-person leads, with the flexibility to ensure timely communication in all early relationships. 

The quality of both the digital and print collateral would help Bill create and maintain strong impressions, whether through seamless online experiences or memorable high-end mailers. 

Ultimately with this “cult of personality” approach, our client could lean into the clout that comes with being a TV personality and recognized subject matter expert, while keeping his day-to-day focus on his clients. 

You can explore the new site at

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