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Insights | July 28, 2023

Capturing Your Next Opportunity

Generally, branding is an ongoing investment and its biggest benefits surface downstream. This could be the reason many of us have a tendency to push marketing initiatives to some vague future time when we can give it our full attention—when we won’t be occupied by anything else.

But every opportunity has a window, and some of them will be closed long before that time comes (if it comes at all).

For instance, if you’ve been recognized with an award and you acknowledge it as soon as possible, clients can appreciate the significance and anyone who goes looking for you won’t have to search long. When some external event occurs, like a regulatory change or new tax law that could raise questions for your natural market, and you’re able to get in front of it with relevant information, you can bridge new introductions and strengthen existing relationships. With opportunities like these, if you act promptly, a simple piece of communication or small adjustment to your website can have outsized benefits.

Other opportunities, however, are more difficult to anticipate—like when you’ll next have a chance to connect with your ideal potential client. You need to have the tools ready to present yourself as the right choice, and those tools may take time to create.

If you aren’t equipped to capture that opportunity now, what do you gain by waiting?

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