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Insights | July 22, 2022

The Right Way to Brag About Your Accolades

Advisors work hard to achieve recognition from broker-dealers or industry publications. When accolades like these are shared with existing and potential clients, they can become noticeable differentiators that help boost credibility.

This credibility can end up being a powerful tool for those looking to generate referrals and win new clients. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

First, announce it when it happens. 

Accolades won’t be of much material benefit to you unless the right people hear about them—typically through a social media post, blog article, email or newsletter segment.

Often industry accolades come with some kind of visual, whether it’s a licensed graphic or the logo of the issuing organization, and recognizable ones like Forbes Best-in-State will not only catch the eye, but they’ll also carry clout. So make sure your announcement is a polished balance of visuals and concise verbiage.

Integrate it into everyday touchpoints. 

This achievement is now part of your value proposition and it should be treated as such. If possible, add it to your email signature, website, digital brochure, and other outward-facing materials into which it can be easily incorporated. 

It doesn’t have to be a lengthy, detailed description. An award graphic or “As Featured in” segment will take up very little space and will reinforce your expertise without disrupting your core messaging. 

Frame it as a benefit to your client.

There are some forms of industry recognition that are associated with production or corporate initiatives. But clients don’t care about your profitability and they don’t need to be reminded that you’re running a business. 

So regardless of the type of recognition you’ve received, ensure that all communication around it centers on the advantages it represents for your client base. For example, highlight that it was awarded in response to your outstanding client service or expertise relative to others in your field, and that you’re one of only a select few to have earned it. 

The message this sends to your market is that the value of what you do has been corroborated by a trusted authority, and working with you is a rare opportunity. 

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