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Insights | June 02, 2023

What happens when people go looking for you?

Potential clients might visit your website or pick up your brochure for any number of reasons—maybe they saw your name on a top advisors list, they attended an event you sponsored or they were passed your name by their accountant—but it’s never out of the blue.

If they decide to take that step and go looking for you, you’re doing something right. The next crucial question, though, is whether that collateral they reach for actually reflects what it was that interested them in the first place. 

So if you’re expecting publicity from an award, make sure that recognition is pictured prominently on your website. If you make an appearance on a news network or write an article for a publication, mention those contributions in your outward-facing brand as well, so that new opportunities know they’ve found the person they were looking for. If an estate lawyer passes your collateral to a client family, ensure it presents you as a specialist in multigenerational wealth.

Then there are the less specific prompts. If someone is told you are a leading advisory team, would they believe it if they received an introductory package from you? If you’re directing users to your site to “learn more,” will they actually find additional relevant information or just a repeat of what you’ve shared elsewhere? 

If there is continuity in quality and in content between what prospective clients are promised and what they see when they get there, it’s far more likely you’ll get a real opportunity to speak with them.

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